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Inflatable Safety

Many of you may have seen the news articles and flashing headlines saying that an inflatable moonwalk or other inflatable has blown away trapping children inside. In our line of work, this kind of headline is incredibly scary and can just as quickly damage our business.

The truth about the moonwalks or larger inflatables that blow away:
These moonwalks are often very small and are not made of an extremely durable fabric that rental inflatables are. They are commercially made for a quick season use, not for long term rental use. The larger inflatables are much heavier and stand a better chance in windy conditions but like the smaller ones, can be blown away just as easily in tough weather conditions. The good news about all of these rental or family use inflatables is that they all come with either stakes or weights. But, are these safety measures actually being used? No inflatable that has been properly secured should ever blow away, with the exception of extreme weather.

The difference between stakes and weights:
Stakes are the most secure way to hold down an inflatable. The safety ratings are based on inflatables using stakes. Weighted inflatables are less secure than staked ones but will keep an inflatable on the ground. Weights are only used when stakes will be ineffective such as in a sandy area, on pavement, or when underground pipes or water lines are present.

How do you tell when the weather conditions are getting too tough to be playing on an inflatable? There is almost always an indication that it is getting too windy to continue playing in an inflatable. The inflatable starts to rock back and forth or the straps holding the inflatable to the ground stakes start to whip around a lot and the stakes slowly start coming up with the opposing force of the inflatable (Although, this should not happen when it is strapped down on all four sides).

Remember to use safety at all times when operating inflatable equipment and have a great time!

Sarah Jones
Sales and Logistics Manager
Event Rentals by Rothchild